MDX USA Infusion Pump





The CoreFusion™ infusion pump is a robust peice of hardware designed to offer stable performance in the most unstable environments.

Designed with the latest enhancements in infusion technology ensures the patient receives the exact dose of medication set by the doctor.

The unique and user-friendly interface ensures that settings can be input efficiently and effectively to reduce errors.

Simply put, the CoreFusion™ infusion pump is the pinacle of infusion technology available in the market today.

-Large LCD display, with backlight, suitable for working in various ambient light conditions.
-Disposable IV set of any brand is suitable for this pump
-Three working modes: Rate/Volume/Time mode
-Purge, KVO function
-Central monitoring system is optional, the infusing status of each pump is displayed in real time at the central station through wireless transmission.
-Simple and convenient in operating, intuitive presence of working status.
-Audible and Visible alarms
-Alarm: Infusion Complete, Empty, Faulty Signal, Misoperation, Occlusion, Door Open, Air Bubble, Low Battery, Setting Error, AC power off, Idle.


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