Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liter With Lcd Display



Made : Sysmed USA.

Available in Used Condition.



Sysmed 5 liter oxygen concentrator is easy to use and easy to handle.it has following features.


Operating System:Timed Cycle/Rapid Pressure Swing
Power Consumption (W): 350
Electrical Requirement: 220±10% 50±1 (V/HZ)or Customize as demand
Delivery Rate(L/min): 0-5
Oxygen Concentration (%): 93+/-3%
Outlet Pressure (MPa): 0.05-0.08
Sound Level (dBA)standard type: 5L/min,≤42
Operating Environment Ambient Temperature (℃): 10-40.
Humidity Range: (%): ≤80
Equipment Class and Type: Class Ⅱa
Safety Alarms & Features: Power Failure, High Pressure / Low Pressure,Temperature,
Current overload or line surge shutdown, Thermal Switch, 40 psig Pressure Relief Valve
Status Display Screen: Large scale LCD timer Standard Configuration
Intelligent fault diagonis Standard Configuration
Net weight: (kg)25
Gross Weight: (kg)27
Dimensions (mm) :380X340X690
Carton mst (mm) : 440X390X750


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