B BRAUN Medical Syringe pump



Made: B Braun Germany.

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A  syringe pump is a small infusion pump used to gradually administer small amounts of fluid  to a patient.


  • Weight:Light weight pump 1.4kg.
  • Battery:Battery duration of 8 hours on a 25 ml/h rate.
  • Syringe Recognition: Automatic syringe size recognition and compatible with
    syringes 2/3 ml, 5/6 ml, 10/12 ml, 20 ml, 30/35 ml and 50/60 ml.
  • Therapy Profiles:Dose Rate Calculation, Dose Over Time, Ramp and Taper Mode, Program Mode,Intermittent Mode, PCA, TCI, TIVA, KVO and Take Over Mode
  • Syringe Holder: Syringe holder with integrated piston break, protecting against free flow
  • Automatic drive technology.
  • Bolus: Automatic bolus reduction function triggered by occlusion alarm
  • Drug Library:Drug Library with capacity to up to 1200 drug names,including therapy data, information and up to 10 concentrations per drug to be stored in 30 different
    categories. Drug information can be subdivided in 50 units and up to 16 Patient Profiles.


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