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Made : Choicemed China.

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Choicemed finger pulse oximeter is best and easy to use with very low in price.it has following features.


  • Measurement : Now there is an easy way to Spot Check your Oxygen Level & Heart Rate Measurements for your Daily Needs.
  • Reading : EZ-Read Bi-Directional Display With Simple one Button Operation
  • Comfort : Comfort-Fit and easy to use with Soft Silicone Padding
  • Strong Slip Resistant Clip
  • Auto Function : Auto Power Off When Finger Is Removed
  • Power : Low Power Consumption
  • Battery : Low Battery Indicator
  • Non Invasive, No Pricking
  • Cleaning : Easy to clean with Alcohol
  • Precautions for use : Fingernail Polish and Acrylic Nails Interfere With Pulse Oximeter Readings and Result In Inaccurate Readings
  • Use : Great for Exercise, Mountain Climbing and Aviation
  • Measuring Range : Measuring Range for SpO2: 70-99% ,Measuring Range for Pulse Rate: 30-235 Beats Per Minute
  • Graphical Display : Pulse Bar Graph Indicates the Intensity of the Pulse Signal
  • Reliable : Highly Reliable Measurements
  • Accuracy : SpO2 Accuracy: SpO2 Range from 80%–99%, +-2%; From 70%–79%, +-3%; From 69% and lower, no reading available ,Pulse Rate Accuracy: From 30-235 Beats per Minute, 2 Beats Per Minute.
  • Resolution: For SpO2 – Displays Each 1%. For Pulse Rate – Displays Each Beat.


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