Spirit Professional Stethoscope Full Black Edition



Made: Spirit Taiwan.


Stainless steel chest piece provides excellent acoustic perception binaural ssemble with built-in sound centralized tubing retaining and non-chill rings both in color-coordinated spare eartips and ID tag included come with solid black finish.

• Spirit Professional is indicated for medical diagnosis, amplifies heart sounds, lung sounds or any other body sounds;
• Dual head lets you hear the sounds of high and low frequencies;
• Internal double reinforced metal springs for increased strength and better tension adjustment;
• Binaural rods are lightweight, sturdier and adjusted at a 15 ° angle, providing better ergonomics and comfort;
• Earphone made of stainless steel, better frequency response, with well-defined bass and treble;
• Contains no latex.
• Tunable diaphragm captures high and low frequency sounds, without the need to change the earpiece side;
• Soft silicone olives adjust anatomically to the ear canal, allowing greater comfort and its non-threaded fit creates an excellent acoustic seal;
• Olives with Nano silicone technology, do not absorb dirt and are easy to clean;
• Uses non-cold ring system for greater thermal comfort of the patient
• PVC tube with various color options, including pearlescent tones

• It is not recommended to expose the stethoscope to extreme temperatures
• Regular use of the stethoscope hanging from the neck, in contact with human skin fat, may result in hardening of the PVC tube. It is recommended to place the tube on top of the collar;
• A routine treatment with a vinyl protector or mineral oil keeps it flexible and pliable;
• Do not immerse in any liquid or subject to sterilization by steam.

Cleaning and Disinfection:
• All components of the stethoscope can be cleaned using a soft cloth moistened with mild soap and water or alcohol
• Under normal conditions it is not necessary to remove the rubber ring and diaphragm for cleaning
• Olives can be separated from the ear tubes for thorough cleaning (Make sure the olives are firmly seated before use).

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