Bunion Toe Corrector Valgus Separator



Made: China.


Composed of a special TPE gel material that is fitted into the spaces between your toes to help open up your circulatory system. The  Toe Stretchers will exercise and condition your feet, and with daily use you will notice an improvement in the shape and strength of your feet. The Foot Care Toe Stretchers are also very therapeutic and are used to treat many foot complications, foot pain, poor circulation, and other serious conditions such as: Bunions/Hammer Toe/ plantar Fasciitis/Sciatica/Varicose Veins /Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT),etc. The longer you can wear toe Stretchers, the more limber your toes will become. If it hurts to wear the toe stretchers for long treatment sessions, then try increasing the frequency of treatment sessions per day or week. The more you stretch the quicker you will realize benefits. Keep in mind; you are performing a stretch that your toes have never experienced before. So it will take some time to develop flexibility.

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