Wall Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor Certeza Germany CR-1008.



Model: CR-1008.

Made: Certeza Germany.


  • Wall type aneroid sphygmomanometer.
  • Desk and Wall Type Double Function.
  • Right and Left Adjustable design.
  • 1.5 meter long PVC coil tube.
  • ABS material manometer gauge.
  • With stop pin.
  • Gray colour 300mmHg manometer gauge.
  • Gray nylon cuff with artery label.
  • Gray colour PVC bulb.
  • Dual tube PVC bladder.
  • Air release valve with spring and standard end valve.
  • Chome plated brass air release valve.
  • Manometer gauge.
  • Cuff with bladder.
  • Tube.
  • Bulb.
  • Cuff size: 50.8 cm x 14cm.
  • Bladder size: 22cm x 12cm.
  • Range: 0-300 mmHg.
  • Accuracy: ±3mmHg.
  • Gauge diameter: 150mm.

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