Certeza Best Compressor Nebulizer



Model: 607

Made:  Certeza Germany



Nebulizer is a drug delivery device used for medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs.

  • Nebulizer Capacity :   10ml
  • Nebulization Rate   :    0.27ml/min
  • weight                     :    1.4 kg only
  • Compressed air nebulization.
  • For treatment of upper and lower airways, colds, asthma and respiratory diseases.
  • Carrying bag.
  • Optimal respirable dose delivery
  • Quick effective treatment
  • Support for wide voltage input
  • Durable quality product.
  • Non-slip body material.
  • Built-in medicine cup holder.
  • Angled-mouth piece.
  • Long tube.


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