Ucheck Nebulizer With Complete Kit



Made: Ucheck.


U-Check Nebulizer machine for Respiratory therapy for children & Adult. Because inhaler can,t be used by small children and are difficult for small infants to use nebulizer make treatment for asthmatic patients or other respiratory condition easier and more effective for children & adult who are involved in chest disease high conjection. Nebulizer deliver medication directly to the airways of the patient.U-Check Nebulizer machine for Respiratory therapy is a high quality Product to use at home.


• Compressed air neutralization

• For treatment of upper and lower airways, colds, asthma and respiratory diseases

• Premium carrying bag

• Optimal respirable dose delivery

• Quick effective treatment

• Support for wide voltage input

• Powerful Device

• Remove Chest Congestion

• Good Quality Oxygen Pump

• High Quality.

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