Heating Lumbar Pad Laica



Model: HI7003B.

Made: Laica Italy.


Soothing warmth relieves tired, aching muscles and temporary arthritic pain. Laica heating pads are versatile and light weight, comfortable to use. Use them on most parts of the body,

  • arms.
  • legs.
  • shoulders.
  • back abdomen.
  • elbows.
  • knees.
  • ankles.

Absorbent sponge provides penetrating moist heat. Soft cover with tie bands to hold the heating pad in place. Removable, washable cover


Unit of DIM: 40 x 32 cm

Voltage: 220-240V AC 50Hz 60W

• With a polyester cover (color: blue)

• Light & level ”0 ~ 3” indictor

• 0 = off

• 1 = Minimum heat

• 2 = Medium heat

• 3 = Maximum heat

• l Certification: CE(LVD/EMC), GS

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