Defibrillator XD-1 Primedic Germany



Model: XD-1.

Made: Primedic Germany.

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Whenever human life is in danger, it is necessary that devices are at hand, which can be operated quickly and easily. Particularly
under severe conditions of use it is indispensable that you can rely,
100 percent and uncompromisingly, on the equipment available.
Professional emergency services require professional equipment.
Based upon our experience of long standing in the field of defibrillator technology, we succeeded in developing powerful and
innovative defibrillators, meeting the highest requirements.
The new defibrillator generation PRIMEDIC™ DefiMonitor XD is tailored to the specific requirements of emergency and rescue surgery. Based upon the most advanced, elaborate technology, this new DefiMonitor XD generation was created in close cooperation
with personnel experienced in practice. The outstanding features of this series are sturdy, robust design and clear easy to use operating panel. A high-contrast display ensures clear visibility even
under the most difficult light and service service conditions. The compact and modular make-up guarantees a sufficient operating range even in confined environment.Focus on the emergency event. In situations where every second is precious, the PRIMEDIC™ DefiMonitor XD is the device that guarantees an unerring use.

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