Kiwi Omni Cup Complete Vacuum Delivery System



Made: USA.


A Complete Vacuum Delivery System to Assist in Fetal Delivery

The Kiwi Complete Vacuum Delivery System is designed to give control back to the physician. Whatever your preference or needs are, the Kiwi family of products offers a vacuum to meet them.

The Kiwi Complete Vacuum Delivery System
  • PalmPump™ Technology puts complete control in the hands of a single operator
  • Traction Force Indicator measures the force exerted during traction
  • Flexible Stem enables the cup to be placed over the flexion point no matter the position of the fetal head
  • Disposable for convenience and safety
  • Low Cup Profile for ease of insertion

The OmniCup is the most versatile of the Kiwi vacuums. Its flexible-stem and low profile cup enable placement over the flexion point of the baby’s head no matter the fetal head position. This is vital in order to realign the head so that the smallest diameters of the fetal head are presented to the birth canal. When the OmniCup is properly placed and traction is exerted in-line with the pelvic axis, malpositions of the fetal head can be corrected.

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